Denied Involvement in grenade Attack Attributed to Ebels in Burundi

Denied Involvement in grenade Attack Attributed to Ebels in Burundi

Despite Burundi’s allegations, Rwanda claims it did not arm rebels suspected of carrying out a grenade attack. The two nations’ relations are still tense.

“We demand that Burundi resolve its own internal issues and refrain from linking Rwanda with such vile issues,” a statement from the government’s spokesperson Yolande Makolo stated on Sunday.

The interior ministry of Burundi attributed the 38 people injured by a grenade attack on Friday to RED-Tabara rebels, claiming that Rwanda was supporting the group. The rebel organisation disclaimed being behind the assault.

Since early this year, when Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye reiterated claims that Rwanda was arming and training the rebel group known as the RED-Tabara, which opposes the Burundian government, relations between Rwanda and Burundi have deteriorated.

Authorities in Burundi classify RED-Tabara as a terrorist organisation and charge its members with involvement in an abortive coup attempt in 2015. Since 2015, the group—which made its debut in 2011—has been accused of several attacks in Burundi.

Two weeks after an attack that Burundi claimed was carried out by the RED-Tabara group, the Rwandan government accused Burundi of closing the border between the two nations in January.

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