Luxury cars, fantasy gowns, a wealth of tips. These are just a few of the many things that Cora’s Bridal  Smart Tips is known for. The publishers got the idea to start Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips after their daugh ter was born, but it came about in a surprising way. If you’re curious, here’s how it all began. 


cora's bridal smart tips 

Fans of the magazine have always wondered if Cora is a real person. She is. Her name is Shacora,  and she was born at the Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Washington. In July 1997, Cora’s pregnant  mother drove to the Naval Hospital and told the nurse that she hadn’t felt movement in days. The  nurse called the doctor, who did an ultrasound. The child wasn’t moving. She was in trouble. Cora’s  mother was told that either the child might not make it or that both she and her child might not  make it. The doctor then called all available doctors to the delivery room to handle the emergency.  Cora was born clinically dead, but she lived. She was transferred to Madigan Army Medical Center  in Fort Lewis, Washington, and placed in intensive care. After coming home from the hospital, Cora  would sometimes have sudden seizures and stop breathing. Her mother would stay up every night to  watch her, until one night she fell asleep and had an extraordinary experience. A glowing angel with  massive, beautiful wings visited her in a dream. The angel told Cora’s mother, “You can sleep now,  I’m protecting Shacora.” After the visit from the angel, Cora never had a seizure or stopped breathing  again. 

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The life of Cora’s mother before the emergency room is a story fit for the silver screen or a  blockbuster novel. When Cora’s mother decided to pursue a career in entertainment, she sent a  demo to well-known record companies and producers. She later discovered that her talent caught  the attention of one of the largest companies in the world, but because she wasn’t familiar with the  record company, she ignored their calls not once, but twice. For years, she thought her talent had  gone unnoticed. Decades later, she learned that the interested company was Hollywood Records,  part of the Disney Music Group. Her talent hadn’t gone unnoticed after all!

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Cora’s father wears many hats. He’s the publisher of the first supercar-bridal magazine, which features some  of the most famous luxury companies and the most iconic cars in the world. This puts him in a class by  himself, but there’s more to his claim to fame. He served 20 years in the U.S. military, working alongside Navy  Seals and U.S. Marines, and he went to war and returned. But that’s not all: He’s also an ordained minister.  Some people call him “General” and others call him “Reverend.” 

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Cora’s brother is nine years old, and a boy to be proud of. Like millions of others, he happens to be autistic.  He spends some of his most exciting moments in a fantasy world on his iPad. You wouldn’t know his first year  in school was tough by looking at him, but it was. School staff restrain him daily and will not allow him to play  or eat with his peers, violating the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Yet he’s making good progress  and is happy. Spend a little time with him, and he will charm your heart. 


cora's bridal smart tips

Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips has a certain magnificent style with a rich look, but did you know the magazine  doesn’t focus on any one class, ethnic group, or culture? It’s diversified for a reason: We believe that children with autism (or other challenging conditions) don’t come in just one color or type.

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From the rockstar supercars to the fabulous ideas, Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips has a personality that is rare. The  magazine has its own distinct style, but life behind the scenes hasn’t always been easy. Just before the  magazine hit its stride, it took an unexpected turn from fairytale beginning to tragedy. Cora’s mother lost  her father, who had been the rock of the family. A month later, she lost her oldest sister, who had been her  mentor when she was growing up. In between these heart-rending events, she lost a child. Two years later,  she lost her mother, whom she was very close to and called every day. Cora’s mother stopped talking and sank  into a deep depression, and the idea of the magazine was set aside for many years. 


cora's bridal smart tips

Then headlights, camera, action! Supercars gave Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips their big break, and the magazine  debuted in 2018. Soar high in its pages and enjoy seeing and learning about cars by Lamborghini, Bugatti, W Motors, Aspark Owl, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Mazzanti, and Rolls-Royce. But remember, behind the  supercars’ power is a personal story of triumph over tragedy. 

8. We have one more astonishing fact  about Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips

cora's bridal smart tips

The publishers of the magazine Cora’s Bridal Smart Tips are taking steps to  prevent dangerous face-down restraints of students in California schools.  Restraints can lead to asphyxiation. The publishers still endure trauma after  their autistic son was routinely restrained and secluded. They sent a letter to  California Gov. Gavin Newsom calling for a modification in the restraint and  seclusion policy. 

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