Blust-On Arrives in the UAE: Modernizing Professional Hair Care

Blust-On Arrives in the UAE: Modernizing Professional Hair Care

Blust-On, the acclaimed professional hair care brand known for its innovative solutions and international success, is now launching in the UAE. Supported by an international team and locally backed by entrepreneur and investor Samuel Zekri, Blust-On is set to redefine hair care standards in the region.

Created by a team of experienced hair care professionals, including Miami-based celebrity hair master Enrique Guzman, Blust-On embodies the principle of “For stylists, By stylists.” Each product is meticulously researched and developed by specialists and crafted in a renowned Italian laboratory known for its long-standing reputation for excellence and a vast supply chain.

“The journey to develop Blust-On was driven by a commitment to excellence,” explains Enrique Guzman. “Every ingredient was deliberately selected, tested, and perfected. Our collaboration with the Italian laboratory ensured that each product met the highest standards of quality and innovation. Additionally, every single one of our products contains active ingredients aimed at enhancing hair health, not just its appearance.”

Blust-On introduces a groundbreaking full-color line that transforms hair coloring experiences with a fast-acting formula that completes the coloring process in just 10 minutes. This efficient product saves time and ensures vibrant, lasting color for up to six weeks, perfectly suited for the dynamic lifestyle of Dubai where time is indeed, money.

Blust-On’s product line, designed to address the specific needs of hairstylists and colorists, includes over a dozen offerings. From solving longstanding industry challenges to enhancing daily hairstyling practices, Blust-On is dedicated to empowering professionals with superior tools and formulas.

The launch of Blust-On in the UAE marks not just the introduction of new products but the beginning of a movement to revolutionize the hair care industry. “Our goal is to be present in every salon, transforming hair care wherever we go,” states Samuel Zekri. “We are starting with a strong B2B focus, supplying to professionals, and stepping into the retail market simultaneously.”

With more products set to launch later this year, Blust-On is committed to continual innovation and expansion, ensuring that the latest enhancements and natural, vegan-friendly options are accessible to all.

Blust-On is more than a hair care brand—it is a commitment to excellence, innovation, and the professional growth of hairstylists and colorists.

For more information about Blust-On and to explore their product range, please visit their website at or follow them on social media at @blustonuae and @blustonprofessional.

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