Best Places to Travel in Africa

Best Places to Travel in Africa

Warriors of wanderlust, hang on to your hats! We’re taking a wild ride through the spirit of Africa with the best travel places in Africa instead of relying on dry guidebooks and dull brochures. This is no place for a lions-chasing-jeeps-on-a-dusty-road nap fest! This is the continent where wildlife experiences make National Geographic drool, lively towns pulse like tribal drums, and landscapes change like chameleon clothes.

Throw away the “been-there-done-that” Instagram content; instead, we’re searching for unusual experiences on sustainable tourism and eco-conscious accommodations in Africa that reveal long-forgotten mysteries and pique your curiosity like a desert sunset. And yes, we also have some outstanding green travel tips for you.

Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the best travel places in Africa. Think Boulders Beach penguins, waves as tall as Table Mountain, and wineries that will make your taste buds dance. That’s Cape Town. Fresh seafood direct from the coast, soul-stirring Cape Malay curries, and coffee so delicious it’ll arouse your wanderlust faster than a sunrise over Kirstenbosch Gardens. Bring sunscreen and an appetite for adventure!

  • Eco-Tip: Take a bike instead of a car! Discover undiscovered treasures and uncover street-food mysteries while meandering through the lively veins of the city.


Explore Marrakech’s intricate and winding souks, where bargaining is a skill and hidden gems may be found everywhere. Get lost in the bustling turmoil of Jemaa el-Fnaa square, drink mint tea as the wind blows through your hair, and watch the Koutoubia Mosque turn vivid colors as the sun sets. Remember to haggle for a Berber carpet so luxurious that it will whisper mysteries of Berber culture into your sleep.

  • Green Thumb Tip: Take a donkey instead of the gas-guzzling cabs! It’s environmentally beneficial and the ultimate Marrakech experience (be careful of those unexpected puddles, though).


Imagine palm palms swinging like hula dancers, blue oceans lapping white beaches, and spices so aromatic they’ll make your grandma’s Christmas cookies envy. That’s Zanzibar, one of the best travel places in Africa. Take a dip in coral reefs complete with vibrant fish, go kayaking with playful dolphins, or simply relax on the beach and let the waves embrace you. Island charm meets laid-back life in Zanzibar.

  • Pro tip: Choose to stay in an eco-lodge like Chumbe Island Coral Park, where the experience is integrated with sustainability and bungalows tower over the blue water.

Victoria Falls

Get ready for rainbows shimmering in the mist and thunderous roars that will tickle your eardrums. The Zambezi River lashes out at Victoria Falls, the Niagara of the rainforest, leaving you dumbfounded (well, maybe save for all the “wows!” and “holy smokes!”).

  • Sustainable Swoosh: Take a boat ride on the Zambezi below the falls for an environmentally responsible approach to this natural beauty. You could even be lucky to see the mischievous hippos splashing in the water.

Masai Mara

Masai Mara is one of those best travel places in Africa you won’t want to miss at any cost. This is the genuine thing; forget Jurassic Park! Think of hairy tumbleweeds with attitude. Cheetahs paint the plains with speed, lions strut their thing like runway models, and the Great Migration turns the land into a sea of wildebeests. It’s not only about the big cats; take in the lively zebras grazing, the majestic elephants passing by, and even the insignificant dung beetles (nature’s recycling team, don’t judge).

  • Responsible Roar: To ensure that both people and animals benefit from your trip, pick a safari operator such as Asilia Africa, dedicated to responsible tourism and assisting local communities.


Prepare for a walk through history! Ethiopia is where the Simien Mountains pierce the sky like giants’ fangs, coffee beans dance in the highlands, and old cathedrals hewn out of rock speak of vanished empires. Explore lunar-like scenery, bargain for handcrafted baskets in busy marketplaces, and have robust Ethiopian coffee cooked over hot coals (remember, this is the country where coffee is dark as the night and potent enough to wake up a mummy).

  • Community Connect: Stay at homestays managed by locals instead of posh hotels. It’s not only environmentally beneficial but also allows you to discover their customs and culture.


This is a taste of your unique, beautiful African experiences. Embrace the unexpected, throw off the routine, and bring your sense of humor (and maybe some mosquito repellent) for an adventure that will leave you wanting more. Recall that Africa is a tapestry of experiences simply waiting to be found, not just a continent. Now set off, warriors of wanderlust, and create your unique African tale!

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