Africa Observes Freedom Day in Advance of a Contentious General Election.

Africa Observes Freedom Day in Advance of a Contentious General Election.

On Saturday, South Africa observed Freedom Day. the day that, thirty years ago, saw millions of South Africans brave long lines to cast ballots in the nation’s first democratic elections, ushering in an era free of domination by a white minority for decades.

“The weight of centuries of oppression was no longer holding us down,” said President Cyril Ramaphosa in a speech celebrating the day, “On that day, as a united people, we stood tall as South Africans” .

His African National Congress (ANC) party won the election thirty years ago and has remained in power ever since.

However, there was little room for celebration on this historic day because of the mounting dissatisfaction with the ruling party’s administration.

Widespread allegations of corruption and the party’s incapacity to adequately address urgent problems like crime, inequality, subpar service delivery, and unemployment—which is still incredibly high—have damaged the party’s reputation.

During his remarks on Freedom Day at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, the administrative capital of South Africa, Ramaphosa praised the nation’s accomplishments under his party’s governance. Among the many facilities we have created are homes, clinics, hospitals, highways, bridges, dams, and many more. Millions of South African houses now have access to electricity, water, and sanitary facilities,” he declared.

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